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Autumn Spice

by Becky


"With a new season upon us there is always one main question that I get asked constantly at this time of year and that is

What are the current hair trends for this season ?"


Colour Me Copper

C h o c o l a t e & C i n n a m o n

This fall is all about burnt copper, think earthy browns reds and cinnamon copper. This isn't one tone suits all and picking the correct shade to compliment your eye colour will not only make them pop but brighten your skin to. Exactly what's needed on these gloomy winter days.

Be warned coppers are high maintenance colours, unless natural of course, so be prepared to return to the salon for a toner in between appointments or take home a conditioner colour refresh.

Not sure if copper is for you, try our Visionary Consultation where you can have fun trying on a wig to envision your new autumn look, just like I did.

Opt for a Shine On Gloss if you just would like a temporary coppery colour, this can last around 5-10 washes and gradually fades away.

Lots of Layers

Biggest trend this autumn is layers, layers and more layers. Layered haircuts have been renamed recently so if that's what your looking for you may need to know the latest layers lingo.... shag/ wolf cut/ bottleneck bob-bangs/ mullet/ The Sachel/butterfly haircut

The great thing about this cut is its undone messiness and easiness to create.

How to...

  • Firstly use a sea salt spray

  • Rough dry your hair upside down making the layers flick in different directions

  • Then use the GHD diffuser until the hair is completely dry

  • Add GHD serum to reduce any frizz and finish so your hair doesn't look to wild

  • Remember ‘undone’ is the aim

Bold Bangs

This time the fringe is being worn chunky and full. Be bold if your brave enough and blow dry with volume. While fringes can be high maintenance remember to pop in for fringe trim in between rather than reaching for the scissors yourself. Alternatively why not try a clip in fringe !

Inspo - Sydney Sweeney


Becky x


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