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Menopause Hair & Self Care

by Jo


"Are you over 40 ? And suffering from hair loss ? You could be premenopausal….yet with little information out there most woman feel very unprepared for symptoms and solutions "


So here I am a 41 year old hairdresser having heard lots of questions (from my lovely ladies) about thinning hair, change of hair density and heavy fall out.

Many woman believe it could be down to breakage/damage, while yes this could be possible, this isn’t always the case, as I know your all using the very best products and tools advised already !

Hair Journey Facts

  • We lose on average 50-250 hairs a day

  • Hair Follicles take about 4 months to reproduce through the scalp

  • Larger longer cycles when premenopausal

  • Maturity means reproducing less hair

  • Worry/stress/illness/medication can all cause hair loss

Simple Salon Test

Unsure about what is causing your hair loss I have created a simple two minute in salon test to show you where your hair cycle is at and that there’s no need to worry, just book in for a complimentary consultation and we can show you how its done

Give Me Solutions

So what can I do to help menopausal hair loss ? Great question right. Here are some links to the very best products out there

Collagen (we now offer in salon smoothie collagen shots )


Jo x


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