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Pearl Lights

by Jo


New hair trends & techniques to inspire our team & clients

"It's all in a days work at Piper Violet Hair, and I am always excited to share my new ideas with you all. As hairstylists we are very visually excited & influenced, it can be by anything like creating new haircut styles from the shape of a butterfly or blending new tones inspired by fashion. (All great in our heads but execution is a different story altogether)

Luckily for you I am not one to shy away from a challenge and after much mixing /tinting/lifting/toning I am finally happy with my new hair trend (drumroll).......... "

Piper Violet Pearl Lights

Inspired by Prada's A/W show & the Prada & pearls nail trend (currently wearing it myself)

Deep metallic coppers, metal sheet greens & "clashing" violets & textures that wouldn't normally sit side by side got me thinking how to make it all work in regards to hair, blonde's & bronde's in particular.

We are all ready for a seasonal change up now winters approaching (I've gone blonde to copper!) but most of us are still very comfy with our summer milky blondes & sandy shades.

And that's where the creativity comes in, its my job to push you out of that fuzzy comfort zone and keep you bang up to date and wearing the latest hair TRENDS

Hows it done?

Think warm ambience of mocha + cool copper (darkest tone)

Metal reflecting ash brown + deep mink blonde (mid shade)

Light amplifying milky blonde +pearlescent (lightest shade)

Scary eh?! No not at all, when the technique is tried & perfected. I weave the darkest shade super fine & layer along the corresponding shades , darkest to lightest creating depth & light simultaneously. Piper being a red shade and all with added violet to tie in together.


Jo x


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