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Who are Piper Violet Hair ?

HERE WE GO ! Our very first blog for our new business venture Piper Violet Hair a luxe salon on Church Street in Twickenham! Introducing the creators Becky and Johanne who have been working together for over 12 years at a top London salon before deciding to go it alone!! We look to as business woman inspire new businesses, hairdressers, young people and give tips and tricks for all things hair !

Introducing The Boss Babes..


Born into a family of hairdressers, I spent my childhood summer holidays in my uncles salon making teas, sweeping up hair, falling in love with the salon atmosphere and of course getting my hair done ! Unfortunately my uncle lived 2 hours away therefore at the young age of 14 I got a Saturday job in a local salon in Ruislip knowing I wanted to train at one of the best salons in London and would stand out if I had some experience. Charles Worthington Salons London then took me on to complete world class training alongside assisting for their renowned art team. This included appearing on ITV'S This Morning, flying to Prague with Loreal and being star struck by many celebrities backstage at the BAFTAS.

Furthering my career and while running a fully booked column I moved onto salon management knowing that my end goal was to once run my own salon. So here we are Piper Violet Hair (violet being my middle name) a huge milestone and very proud moment to finally open the doors post lockdown !


Born & raised in Dublin, having spent my youth creating undercuts (before Cara made them cool) using my dads clippers on my friends beautiful hair in my bedroom, much to their parents dismay! I always wanted to be a hairdresser, i would say “I’ll be at the Oscars next” and my mates promised me I’d do their hair when they were famous.

I hated school & Dad gave me the option “go to school or get a trade” BEST ADVICE EVER!! Thanks dad. So at 15 I quit school and started my 4 year apprenticeship at Aileens salon in Malahide, then onto Robert Chambers on Grafon Street. Loved every minute so then dived into the big smoke,London.

Charles Worthington no less, sod the oscars, I was at the BAFTAS baby!

A brilliant career teaching/ managing/learning/travelling and building the confidence to one day get my own salon!

Fast forward 17 years, goodbye secure job & everything I've known for nearly two decades, slap bang in the middle of a global pandemic with a two year old Piper (hence the name) let’s open our dream salon.


Not quite the stereotypical start up for our new boutique salon in Twickenham, London however the time is right when YOU make it right.

We chose the famous Church Street because of its boutique feel and location alongside the river. Our salon hideaway is set back of the main street which we thought was perfect for privacy and relaxation whilst getting your hair done.

Lockdown was full of building works and A LOT of d.i.y. and keep an eye out for our next blog on Hairdressers turned Decorators to see how we put Piper Violet Hair together making it a luxury salon in Twickenham !

Followus on instagram @piperviolethair for all the latest looks and the occasional giveaway

We look forward to opening soon..

Stay safe and Well

Piper Violet Hair xxx

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Feb 02, 2021


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